Immertreu 2023 – English Run


27. - 29. Okt 2023
Bereits gelaufen


Fight for the legacy of a criminal empire and enjoy an extravagant weekend in the 1920s of Germany! A larp experience inspired by classical gangster movies but also the true stories of the 1920s criminal gangs of Berlin.

Immertreu should feel like stepping into a movie inspired by a historical era. It might be set in the autumn of 1926 but it isn’t a historical correct re-enactment event. We aim for a feeling of the era, but during the game, the focus is on drama, passion, intrigue, and the clash of different personalities.

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  • Einladungscon?: Nein
  • Con-Art: Abenteuer, Ambiente
  • Unterbringung: Haus
  • Verpflegung: Vollverpflegung
  • Link zur Anmeldung:
  • SC-Plätze: 40
  • SC-Preis: from 350,- Euro per person (paying in instalments possible)
  • NSC-Plätze: 0
  • Plotdichte: Gehoben
  • Kämpfe: Wenig
  • Komfort: Hoch
  • Mindestalter: 18



Die Veranstaltung ist beendet.