Shattered Mirrors – A Wonderland Larp


02. - 05. Mai 2024


The Game

What could possibly go wrong when True Crime author Lewis Carroll invites you to a reading of his new book?

Shattered Mirrors: A Wonderland Larp is inspired by the works of Lewis Carroll and others. You’ll switch back and forth between our contemporary world and an absurd world behind the mirrors … as well as between two versions of yourself. Always on the hunt for the question: Which is the real you and in which world do you belong?

Might contain:

  • A real non-birthday celebration.
  • A not-quite-serious game of croquet without real flamingos.
  • A somewhat more serious court hearing without real lawyers.
  • A more serious Jabberwocky with a real wig.
  • A masquerade ball with masks for your real personality.

What to expect

A larp like Alice in Wonderland – Wonderful. Funny. Mysterious. Sad. Moving. Absurd. Curiouser and curiouser. 

This is a larp …

… in the setting of Alice in Wonderland.
… that celebrates absurdities
… in which you slip into different roles
… about your characters odyssey
… with surrealistic character
… that can be comedy or tragedy

You should join if you …

… like Alice in Wonderland or surrealism.
… want to indulge in absurdities

… leave everyday life behind you.
… want to play an intense and challenging larp in a safe environment.


Shattered Mirrors: A Wonderland Larp will take place on
25-28 April 2024 in German (Run 1) and on
2-5 May 2024 in English (Run 2).
Tickets cost € 450,- and include high-quality full board and cozy accommodations at Gutshaus Groß-Markow between Berlin and Hamburg. Players sleep in stylishly furnished double rooms with shared bathrooms in the hallway.

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  • Con-Art: Ambiente
  • Unterbringung: Haus
  • Verpflegung: Vollverpflegung
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  • SC-Plätze: 30
  • SC-Preis: 450
  • Plotdichte: Mittel
  • Kämpfe: Keine
  • Komfort: Hoch
  • Mindestalter: 18
  • Regelwerk: Nordic Safety Mechanismen
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